Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Growing Violas ~ Pansy's Little Cousins

If you live where it's still warm enough for outdoor gardening, consider giving violas a place in your borders, containers or hanging baskets. These cheerful faces come in solid colors or some great combinations and with a little care (mainly water and sunshine), you can have masses of blossoms to enjoy throughout the winter and into the spring. Some people like to plant a variety of colors together, but a mass planting of a single color can be equally striking, especially in hanging baskets and containers.

If you buy your plants in a six pack, try to resist buying the largest plants. These leggy ones will often fall over and fail to thrive. Go for the smaller ones that appear more squat, but are fuller, with dense growth. These will set many more buds and produce more of a mass. Don't be afraid to plant these closely together. One hanging basket can easily accommodate a six pack of plants and as they grow, they'll spill over the sides of your basket or pot to beautiful effect.

If you ever have trouble with violas or pansies that seem to rot off at the base, replace the soil. You can reuse that soil elsewhere in the garden, just not where you grow violas.

As you deadhead the old blossoms to keep the plants vigorous, toss the seeds into that same basket or pot or others and you'll have a fresh batch of seedlings to transplant.


High Desert Diva said...

My mom always has violas in her yard.

Ann said...


We generally always call them Pansies.

Pansies have a different connotation here in New Zealand. You may have known. One of our oppostion MP, now Govt MP is called Pansy Wong. She was asked if she called herself Pansy because she supported them. Pansy said she chose the name because it is a beautiful flower, not because she supported this civil union group.

As if we have ESP, yesterday, I was somewhere taking photos when I saw the same coloured pansy as yours. The deep blue purple ones. They are still in the camera. Hope it will turn out good. This pansy is rather small.



Faiza said...

hi, beautiful looking violas! I just sowed seeds for some yesterday. can you please tell me what the size of the pot in ur pic is? is that the one u say is ok for adding 6 plants? thanks.

i have also got pansy seeds growing quite finely... 2 sets of true leaves on them already. im planing to plaant the yellow/orange/white pansies an my deep blue violas in a hanging basket. altho im worried that the violas will burn coz i read they like to be in cooler climates. so maybe a pot on the coffee table and it gets indirect light from the window.

Golden West said...

That's 4 plants in a 6 inch pot. I usually put 6 plants into a 10 inch basket.