Friday, January 16, 2009

The Color Yellow

Yesterday was another bright and sunny day, with the color yellow at every turn. In the garden, a yellow bee darted from flower to yellow flower, dazzled by the warm nectar and pollen.

Over the hill to the east, alongside the Batiquitos Lagoon, our neighborhood fruit stand had a bin full of locally grown yellow bell peppers.

The evening sun cast a brilliant outline on Thomas the cat as he sat serenely in the open window, monitoring the bird bath, taking in the golden air.


High Desert Diva said...

You did have a day of sunshine, didn't you?

I can't wait to see flowers blooming will probably be May at least...

Ann said...

Like I said before, you take such great pix. I have tried so many times to capture a bee, but before I am ready. The bee is gone.

Thanks for a lovely pix. My sis told me, it is not the camera, but the person. I deliberately feed the birds, esp the sparrows. They fly away before I am ready to snap.

nina said...

Super nice! Especially the cat.