Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Day In The Garden

The flowers in the garden are beyond confused. By their reckoning, spring is already here. Dutch iris foliage is knee high, narcissus are in full bloom and the freesias are sending up stalks covered with buds. Another sunny day, combined with new knowledge of the camera's macro function, made it a perfect day to take a closer look at pink flowers. That's a snapdragon close-up above.

This is a hibiscus flower, blooming on a shrub we've trimmed up into a tree. It's going through an interesting change. The flowers used to be quite a bit larger and paler in color. Now they're smaller but the color is more concentrated and intense. Of all the pink flowers in our garden, the hibiscus is the hands-down favorite of the hummingbirds.

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High Desert Diva said...

Snapdragons up close look entirely different.

I've had flowers change colors over the years, but usually they fade in color. It's interesting that this flower is getting more intense.