Friday, December 12, 2008

White Rock, Psyche & Santa

For some reason, we don't see White Rock soda in these parts any more, but it was a staple in most supermarkets and our favorite when we were kids. It didn't taste much different from the other sodas, but definitely had the best logo, and that was reason alone to choose it. The White Rock soda lady is actually Psyche, famous lover of Cupid in Greek and Roman mythology.

The White Rock Company was founded in 1871 in Waukesha, Wisconsin and initially bottled water from a natural spring the Potawtomi Indians believed contained healing powers. Popular as a remedy, within 5 years, the bottled mineral water was being sold all across the country.

Many credit Coca-Cola with being the first company to popularize Santa Claus as a marketing tool. Not so. White Rock first used the jolly old soul in 1915 to pitch their water and again in 1923 for their ginger ale.

The company still makes seltzers, mixes and sodas, and the White Rock lady is still a great logo.

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