Sunday, December 21, 2008

Color For Christmas

If you get tired of the same old poinsettia plants at Christmas, consider trying something different. Coleus are a favorite around our house. They come in striking color combinations, are easily grown and best of all, they can be planted in the ground after the holidays (if you live in a temperate zone). If you like to garden, that makes more sense than tossing out a soon to be scraggly poinsettia at the end of the season.

Coleus are generally grown for their colorful leaves, so once yours starts to flower, keep the buds pinched back to promote more bushing. Keep the soil in the pot evenly watered, not soaked. After the holidays, when you transplant your coleus into the ground, bear in mind they'll tolerate some sun along the coast, but prefer shade inland.


High Desert Diva said...

I adore the colors of coleus.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Your photography is out of sight.