Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Calm After The Storm

There's a powerful north swell running, mostly wind generated, and the extreme tides have tossed cobblestones onto the sand. The beaches are pretty empty this time of year, even though December is our sunniest month. We have more days of sunshine now than in summertime because our stretch of coast gets "June Gloom" and "May Gray" as the inland deserts beyond the mountains heat up.

We read that it's been -81 degrees in Siberia and that the cold air has to go somewhere... The prediction is that some Arctic air is making it's way in this direction, to arrive soon and the snow level could drop to 3,000 feet. We've had freak snowfalls on the coast before, once in 1968 and again in 1998. In '98 kids were using boogie boards as sleds in the streets. In '68, there was snow on the beach and perfect surf at Swamis - two great excuses to ditch school. (Not that we needed any).

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