Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sharing With Those Who Serve

Sending a package overseas to our troops couldn't be easier. The post office has a special flat rate box that ships to Iraq, Afghanistan, or any place in the world where Americans are serving to protect our freedoms here at home. The package ships for a mere $12.95. If you don't have friends or family overseas, there are many websites you can access to chose a recipient. "Any Soldier" is a good one. Things we take for granted at home are a major treat for our sons and daughters stationed abroad. Beef jerky, new socks, chewing tobacco, hand sanitizer, lip balm, Cup-o-Noodles, music CDs, magazines - they're easy to please!

There's not much news lately from Iraq - the media must have lost interest when things started going so well. But we've still got tens of thousand of dedicated Americans there and elsewhere, so far from their homes and loved ones. If you can, please consider filling a box and mailing it off in the next few days, in time for Christmas. It may be the best gift you give.

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