Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Art Of Adolfo Hohenstein

Adolfo Hohenstein (1854-1928) was a Russian artist who settled in Milan, Italy in 1879, by way of Vienna, where he studied art, and India, where he designed interiors for local royalty. He became a successful set and costume designer at La Scala and caught the eye of publisher Giulio Ricordi of Casa Ricordi, for whom he worked for 15 years. While with Ricordi, he created covers for music scores, posters, postcards and playbills for La Scala's most revered productions. He also did commercial work including tourism promotion and advertisement for other publishers.

The illustration above of ladies blowing bubbles was made by Hohenstein in 1899, an advertisement for a soap company, printed in Bologna by E. Chappius.

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