Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Beach

For a town that has grown to almost 60,000 residents, it's amazing how few of them choose to be on the beach early in the morning. Surfers will go out for waves regardless of whether any are breaking or not - they'll settle for getting wet and a good paddle, especially on a beautiful morning. There were two men fishing from the shore - they probably don't have to catch any fish to be happy. It's enough to be in the elements with your gear, casting your line into the sea with a salty wind in your face.

There's always a lot to see down there. There was a cone of sand building up at the base of the cliff, from a small river of erosion, complacent seagulls so used to people they don't bother to fly away even if you get close, and a couple of stand-up paddlers out close to the kelp beds.

One local surfer makes all his own equipment and has mastered surfboards, paddleboards and stand-up paddleboards. He was getting ready for a race this weekend. Pictured below is the logo he designed for his boards.

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