Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hawaiian Menu Art ~ #4 In A Series

This is another menu cover made by John Kelly for the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki in the 1950s. It shows Hawaiians riding the waves in their outrigger canoe. The outrigger allows the canoe to be paddled or sailed in rougher seas, as it stabilizes the canoe and prevents it from capsizing. The Hawaiian word for outrigger canoe is "wa'a". Outriggers are still actively raced and paddled for sport and competition between clubs, not only in Hawaii, but around the world.

You can see part of Diamond Head in the background. It is Hawaii's largest tuff cone, part of a volcanic chain. It was given its name by 19th century British sailors who thought the calcite crystals in the rock were diamonds. The picture below shows a current aerial view of Diamond Head.

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