Monday, October 6, 2008

The Art Of Louis Rhead

Louis Rhead was born in North Staffordshire, England in 1857, the son of a pottery gilder. He was born into an artistic family. Both his brothers were artists and he collaborated with them on book illustrations. He was uncle to famous potters Charlotte Rhead and Frederick Hurten Rhead.

After study and training in France, Louis Rhead relocated to the United States, where he realized success as a graphics designer for both posters and books. In the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, a deep interest in the sport of fly fishing led him to a study of insects. He wrote "American Trout Steam Insects - A Guide To Angling Flies & Other Insects Alluring To Trout", pubished in 1916, and designed a line of flies based on his studies. Fly fishing is a recurring subject in some of his work.

The lithograph above was an advertising poster for Century Magazine's Midsummer Holiday issue, printed in 1894, illustrated by Louis Rhead.

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