Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Morning On The Beach

The long, morning shadows belong to me and my mom. We walk on the beach together early in the morning, once a week, for fun and exercise and to catch up with what's new with each other. We only live a couple miles apart, but time has gotten more elusive as we've gotten older, so we make a point of getting together. My mom's an avid gardener, so we always discuss who's been planting what, exchange updates on other family members and just enjoy being together.

We're having a really warm spell, upwards of 80 degrees, so the beach is especially beautiful. Perfect conditions, but no surf to speak of (yet), just a few stand-up paddlers, a kayaker and two fishing boats just offshore. Plenty of birds on the beach and hardly any other people on the sand. Autumn is finally here.

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