Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Pink Bower Vine Of Beauty

It was easier finding a replacement arbor than a replacement plant to grow on it. For years we had a great climbing Lady Banks thornless yellow rose growing up and over the arbor, but a strong winter storm some years back knocked the whole thing over. It blocked the entrance to the driveway, so the wood had to be busted up with an axe and the massive rose bush pulled out by a pick-up truck. As a replacement, we tried a type of jasmine that was highly touted and smelled good, but it was a jumbled mess and only stayed nice at the top. That got pulled out, too. We planted an evergreen vine with velvety slipper shaped flowers, called the Pink Bower Vine of Beauty. It has nice waxy leaves variegated in green and pale yellow and pale pink flowers with deep red throats that bloom half the year. It grows steadily, doesn't shed too much and is not attractive to pests. Also, it has a light, open climbing habit and is not dense or heavy and is unlikely to topple an arbor in a storm. If you're in need of a flowering climber, the Bower Vine may suit you.

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