Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Native Plants Of California ~ #16 In A Series

Few plants look so delicate, yet are so hardy as the columbine. This is a California native perennial that once introduced into your garden, will self sow and delight you for years with its beautiful nodding, fairy-like flowers and elegant, lacy greenery. Sierra columbines, that grow in the wild, prefer meadows, woodlands and alpine conditions and are mostly yellow, with an occassional pink or white. Your local nursery or garden center will have columbines in color packs, quart and gallon containers that are acclimated to wherever you live in the West. They have been a staple in cottage gardens across the globe for years and make beautiful cut flowers for your arrangements. They are routinely ignored by snails and slugs and thrive in full sun or semi-shade.

The photograph is an old postcard, dated 1914 and postmarked Pueblo, Colorado.

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