Thursday, September 25, 2008

Favorite Fabrics From Far & Near

The rayon fabric pictured above came from St. John's, Antigua in 1999. If you find yourself on Antigua and you like to sew, there are two great fabric stores downtown. Driving is difficult, as the streets are very narrow, mostly one-way and congested, but find yourself a place to park and spend an afternoon walking the town. The fabric stores are just around the corner from the police station, which is easily spotted, as the wall surrounding it is topped with swords.

Antigua is the largest of the Caribbean Leeward Islands and a prosperous country, with hard-working, friendly people. St. John's is a bustling port city, with a deepwater harbor where cruise ships dock. Consequently, the areas around the docks are touristy and cater to the ships. Try shopping where the locals do - you won't be disappointed.

The fabric pictured was irresistible and we bought the entire bolt. The plan is to sew it into a vintage 1940s style short-sleeved frock, probably cut on the bias.

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