Friday, September 26, 2008

Early Morning On The Beach

It's been gray and foggy these past few mornings, not really chilly yet, but autumn is definitely in the air. Did you know "autumn" has only been used to describe this season since the 16th century? Before that, it was known as harvest, but when people started moving away from farms and into towns and cities, the term "autumn" came into use. "Fall" is strictly a North American English term, which derived from "fall of the leaves".

We don't get a lot of color action around here, leaf wise, but the ocean is a constanty changing palette. This week it's been glassy and flat, inky almost, with gray morning skies clearing around noon. We're all waiting for a storm to roll in and give us our first measureable rainfall since last April. We usually get one summer storm, but this year was an exception. Our storms follow a pattern called the Catalina Eddy - they almost always approach from the North, then pass us by, wrap around down by San Diego and come up the coast from the South.

The focus of today's photographs is the preponderance of the color gray - sand, water and sky, all gray.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT wigwam shot!