Monday, September 8, 2008

Autumn In The Air

This is the view (through the screen) out the kitchen window and onto the patio. Doing the dishes is no chore when one can watch the hummingbirds make their way from basket to basket, hovering as they gather nectar. Summer is almost officially over, the days are getting shorter, the sun is setting further and further south and it's almost time to plant daffodils and Duch irises again.

Here on the coast, autumn is an even better planting time than spring. Things planted now will get a toehold and when spring comes, they'll really put out the new growth. If you've been gathering and saving any seeds this year, now is the perfect time to cast them about. Once the flower beds are weeded, the soil turned and the bulbs in, we like to cast seeds into the wind and let them fall where they may. It may be more random than uniform planting, but the flower beds will look more natural and the seeds that sprout will be hardy.

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