Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gardening In Pots

If you haven't been able to commit to a real garden, you might try growing a few plants in containers. One advantage is the ability to move the plants around to find an area they like, and as the days get shorter again, you can expose the sunlovers to maximum rays. We prefer clay pots, as opposed to plastic. The plastic retain water better, but there are some plants that don't like to have their feet wet, so to speak, and the clay pots dry more evenly.

You can cluster pots at various levels, massed next to the door. A profusion of color and textures is interesting and welcoming, and the more beautiful your plants are, the more likely you'll spend time outside with them. As your plants grow, you can either transplant them into bigger pots or into the ground. Once you get some flower beds started, try tucking some potted plants into the foliage to create height and add a punch of color. Don't be afraid to plant several types of plants in one pot. Try something tallish, something that spreads sideways and something that will spill over the side.

The photograph shows new guinea impatiens, two types of coleus and lamb's ear clustered together. The lamb's ear is a really versatile plant, grown mostly for its unusual gray-green leaves and furry texture.

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