Sunday, August 17, 2008

108 Years Ago Today

When visitor Franklin Schenck from Brooklyn, New York dropped his fishing line off California's Catalina Island on August 17, 1900, the last thing he expected was to land the world's record largest black sea bass ever caught with a rod and reel. He hooked up the behemoth and wrestled for 20 minutes before landing it, undoubtedly with an assist from the man on the right holding the gaff. The sea bass weighed in at 384 pounds, breaking the previous record that had been set the year before on Sept. 16, 1899, when a 370 pounder was caught with a rod and reel, which had taken 2 hours to reel in.

Mr. Schenck and his landmark fish were written up in many regional papers, and merited coverage in the New York Times, as well.

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