Monday, July 28, 2008

WPA Poster ~ Fort Marion National Monument

The WPA, short for the Works Progress Administration, was the largest program under Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, lasting from 1935-1943. The goal was to put people to work during the Great Depression. The Department of the Interior hired artists to create posters for the National Park service. This poster of Fort Marion National Monument was made in 1938, the artist is unknown.

Fort Marion was originally called Castillo de San Marcos, built by the Spanish in 1692. For 100 years, they had been defending their city, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, with nine wooden forts, but an attack by the English pirate, Robert Searle, prompted them to construct a masonry fort. Workers were brought in from Havana, Cuba and a star shaped fort was built of a seashell based stone quarried across the harbor on Anastasia Island. The commanding fort took 23 years to build. It still stands where it was built over 300 years ago in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Anonymous said...

thank you! I love the WPA. I had not seen this poster before!