Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not So Long Ago

The top photograph was made by Edward Curtis, as part of his efforts to document Native American tribes and their customs. What strikes as most remarkable is not the image itself, but that it was made in 1924, a mere 84 years ago. The woman is part of the Diegueno tribe, a tribe who lived predominately in what is now San Diego County. This photograph of the woman outside her home was taken in Campo, about 40 miles from here.

The photograph below was made by Edward Davis in 1914. It was taken of Maria Antonia, a Pala Indian, weaving a basket in front of her home. Pala is about 20 miles from here.

The following photograph was also made by Edward Davis in 1914, of a San Diego area Indian named Cinon Mataweer, standing outside his home with ceremonial plumes in his headress and belt.

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Karen Vigneault Librarian said...

Howka, I am from the Ipai/ Kumeyaay tribe (Santa Ysabel).. Your description is wrong in the first photograph. Campo is not a Northern reservation of our people.. Campo is east and are Tipai. Or eastern Diegueno. (Diegueno is the slave name given to us by the Catholics and Mexicans.)
Karen Vigneault
Santa Ysabel Tribal Library