Friday, July 11, 2008

Natives Plants Of California ~ #4 In A Series

Coast Redwood trees are also known as Sequoias. They are evergreens that can live to be 2.200 years old and include the tallest existing trees in the world. In Oregon and California, they range along a 5-47 mile wide strip, 470 miles long, from sea level to around 3,000 feet. Their bark can be up to 12 inches thick and their low resin content makes them less vulnerable than other trees to fires. Once they reach 10-15 years of age, they produce abundant seeds in cones, but only 15% of the seeds are viable.

The tallest three trees are Hyperion, Helios and Icarus, at 379', 376' and 371', respectively. Hyperion was discovered in 2006 and its location is a closely guarded secret. Although not as tall as Hyperion, the Lost Monarch is considered the largest coastal redwood, as it has more girth ~ it is 26' in diameter and 370' tall. Its exact location is also kept secret, and the few who know its location keep it to themselves in an attempt to limit destruction to its enviornment.

The picture is circa 1915 and shows a railroad on Mt. Tamalpais that ran through the Coast Redwood groves.

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