Sunday, July 27, 2008

Native Plants Of California ~ #8 In A Series

Darlingtonia Californica is commonly known as California Pitcher Plant or Cobra Lily. This carnivorous native preys on insects who become confused by its translucent leaves. It grows mostly in Northern California and Oregon, in bogs near running water. It was first discovered near Mt. Shasta in 1841 and is considered an uncommon plant, as it is rarely seen. The tubular, forked leaves resemble a rearing cobra with fangs, hence the nickname. How this plant is pollintaed remains a mystery. It is speculated that flies or nocturnal bugs are attracted to its unpleasant smell, but pollination has yet to be observed. This is a difficult plant to cultivate in the garden, as its roots prefer to be colder than the rest of the plant.

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