Thursday, July 31, 2008

Native Plants Of California ~ #9 In A Series

This California native perennial vine, once established, is so hardy in temperate climes, it is almost impossible to get rid of. The morning glory has a twining tendency that lets it attach itself to other plants, telephone poles, arbors, fences, basically anything that holds still. There are 9,000 species of morning glories, and most open in the morning for pollination by hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, and then die at the end of the day, to be replaced by more flowers the next morning.

There's sulphur in the juice of the vine that ancient American civilizations used to vulcanize rubber, to make their sports balls bounce. Ancient Chinese used the seeds as laxatives and eventually it found favor as an ornamental flower.

Morning glories are easily grown, preferrring full sun, but tolerating some shade. Some bloom in a particular blue that is indeed glorious. It has a tendency to be somewhat invasive, but if you don't mind curbing its enthusiasm occassionaly, perhaps you can find it a spot in your garden.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. Makes me almost reconsider pulling the invasive little devils off my plants!