Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Eye Of The Beholder

There's a huge ficus tree on the patio that has evolved along with us since we planted it 30 years ago. In years gone by, its mighty branches held a rope swing that more often than not held a youngster, swinging for the sky. Now, it's home to dozens of sparrows who share its sheltering canopy. They warn each other noisily when Thomas comes around to nibble at his bowl of catnip, and one recently hopped about impatiently when a baby pushed out of the nest refused to fly. The base of the tree has attracted a mix of objects. There's a large white coral head, brought home from Hawaii one year, a ceramic angel holding a bird, and a cast iron cow, all perched amongst the spreading trunk. Adults rarely notice, but children seems to zero in on them right away, with the cow being the hands-down favorite.

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Anonymous said...

The cow is definitely my favorite!