Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Evening In The Garden

It already looks like summer in the garden. The sweet pinks and pale yellow blossoms of spring have given way to fiery reds and deep purples, and the outlandish color combinations of the coleus leaves are back. A few plants that should never have bloomed past last winter are still going strong, like the cyclamen in the first picture. The second picture shows gallardia, a perennial with seed globes as interesting as their flowers. This variety, called "Goblin" spreads easily and blooms all year. Next are the nasturtiums, also a year-round bloomer that self-propagates. The pink flowers are New Guinea impatiens, shade lovers that bloom profusely, and if you cut the plant back at the end of the season, chances are it will rebound the following year. The last picture is coleus, grown for its beautiful leaves. It does put up flower spikes, but if you pinch these back, the plant will continue to put out large, fabulously colored leaves right up to Christmas.

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