Monday, June 30, 2008

Native Plants of California ~ #1 In A Series

A plant is considered a native of California if it grew here before the Europeans arrived. California is home to 5,862 species and varieties of native plants, and given the size of the state, the variations in topography, climate and soils, of this number, 2,153 grow nowhere else on Earth. To keep the overall number of species in perspective, know that it is equal to the number of plant species in all the other states combined.

Over the summer, we'll be highlighting some individual natives, including trees, shrubs, bulbs, grasses, vines, annuals and perennials. Don't let names like tarweed, greasewood, and miner's lettuce fool you ~ there are some real beauties amongst these native plants. Perhaps you'll find a place in your garden for some of them, as they are bound to thrive in their native terrain, most are drought tolerant, and you'll have a hand in perpetuating our natural heritage.

Pictured is the California Brodiaea, a bulb that returns and multiplies every year.

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