Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recommending The Power Of Art

Gian Bernini carved this marble statue of Apollo and Daphne when he was 24. It took three years. He captures Daphne as her hands turn to leaves, as she is turning into a laurel tree. The story goes that Apollo offended Cupid, who, in revenge, shot both Apollo and Daphne with arrows. Apollo fell hopelessly in love with Daphne and the arrow caused her to despise him. As she flees from him, she becomes a laurel tree. Thus, the bay laurel became a sacred tree in ancient Greece, and the laurel wreath a symbol of Apollo. "Resting on one's laurels" is a common phrase still in use. Simon Schama has created an exceptional 3 disc DVD series for the BBC called "The Power Of Art", an in depth, compelling look at 8 individual artists, of whom Bernini is one. If you like art, history and a good story, the series is well worth your time.

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High Desert Diva said...

I haven't ready mythology in so long...I've forgotten most everything.

Thanks for the reminder and the photo of Bernini's statue.